First post

Hi there. Nothing much on this blog but thanks for visiting.

First of all, it was tough for me to decide the name of this website even though I was not expecting anyone to read. I was thinking of names like realistintrovert, mindofINFJ or worldfromanintrovert but they looks long and sounds complication. After recalling my intention on creating this blog, I came up with unspokenwords. However, this name has already been taken so after further paraphrasing, I decided to name it voicelessmind.

The purpose of this blog is for me to let out anything that I hold inside my mind. As an introvert, my mind speaks louder than my mouth, but I rarely had a chance to speak up. I would usually wait for a suitable time for me to talk but most often I couldn’t find any. I prefer to talk in a close and personal way so saying my opinion out loud to a group is tough.

Even if I am able to express my view, I would just ended up jumbling my points because there are so much I wanted to share within a limited attention span of the listener.

To be honest, my mind can think of different interpretations, scenarios and outcomes about a topic – including negative possibilities. I kept on thinking while listening so my attention is multitasked. My worse trait is that I might analysed things while talking, which can make my conversation stray off topic. This intuition part of my personality can be good but also heavy to me especially when dealing with people who talks too much or listen too little.

I do fear of being unappreciated. To an introvert, voicing up their mind takes effort (i.e. time and energy). I would immediately discontinue a conversation if the listener shown a confused, uninterested or disagreed expression.

“Words can also be a blade”. Being an INFJ, the feelings part of my personality is undeniable. I have to think of others so I am always concerned with consequences for any action or words that I have spoken to the person. Hurting people’s feeling is a totally against me. “Some things are better left unspoken”.

Considering all of this, I prefer to keep my opinion inside my mind and focus on the actions – unless someone is too dumb that I had to yell at him/her. Being quite is safe and takes less efforts.

However, at times, I would reflect back to what I wanted to say and I do regretted for not voicing them. It’s like double edged blade. Therefore, I hope from this blog, I would be able to reduce these weight in my head and who knows, one day my ‘negative’ opinion is more realistic and ‘human’ that can help someone like me to get through the days.

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