Single but free

Yes, I am single and I am cool with that. I am free from all the dramas of being in relationship or marriage. I am the type of person who enjoys traveling so I value my freedom to go anywhere. I have enough work commitments to make me busy even after official working hours and personal financial commitments for my life and passions. I would rather avoid anything that can add extra commitments to my current life. I am fine, thank you.

I do appreciate all the sincere concerns from my family, relatives, friends and co-workers. That has shown me they really care for me. But, it is difficult for me to assure them that it is okay. I have to deal with all the misconceptions of me being single every single day.

1. Sometimes, people think that I am sad and lonely for being single. Please, no. This is totally wrong especially in this modern era. I am not a desperate person that would cry on their bed in the middle of the night for just being single (I would rather cry for people who have passed away). I am fine. Yeah, I do need companion sometimes, but it is more like a free and easy companions (i.e. bestfriends).

2. There are times my relatives and not-so-close-friends thought that I am single because I am unattractive and unworthy of having partner. Some of them are sympathetic towards me but what worse is that some of them are proud that they or their sons are ‘better’ than me for getting married earlier. Is marriage a competition for them? However, I think I am being unattractive is partly true. Although it is magical that people are easily attracted to me as friends (this can be a problem to me, an introvert, because I hate attention), I think I don’t have that charm of the man usually displayed in the media. I have to admit I am overweight and weird. I hate the fact that how media especially movies make a fat or overweight man as the funny and dumb guy. I am okay that I am not attractive, I just love to have close friends around.

3. People would teased me for being gay. Honestly, I am not sure if I am gay or straight (I just don’t care) but I don’t want a relationship with either man or woman. Probably my past experience has made me not trusting both man and woman. I have many bad experiences dealing with woman to the point that I think that “all women are the same”. Regardless of my sexuality (let’s leave it to god and time to decide that), I just want to be single.

4. “You are too choosy”. Okay now this is another interesting misunderstanding in which the scenario is I am the one who are having the upper hand. I am picky or choosy of who I want to be with because I am introvert. I select friends that are trusty to personal level. Everyone is choosy too, or else anyone can just get married with anyone they find on the streets. We would chose for the right person. I admit I want a right person but I am not what “right” even mean. I value my freedom and “choosing” is not even in my mind at the moment.

5. There are times when a friend advice me to have courage to make a move and be a man. I am not a coward, I just don’t want to and I would rather avoid problems, which I have already envisioned in my mind. Please think of courage in many ways. As for being a man, I am already a man. What is the point of proving myself as a man when I am already one. I am confident those people who ask a man to be a man is definitely blind, an alien or has mental issues.

All in all, single is freedom. I know one day I might change my mind but for now, let me enjoy the moment.

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