It’s a beautiful world

And we live in a beautiful world,

Yeah we do, yeah we do

We live in a beautiful world

I am so hooked up with this song – “Don’t Panic” by Coldplay. It is somehow calming and relaxing especially when I was feeling so stress. It has fun but yet sad tune. The interpretation of the song may vary for different individuals, but for me, the song seems to be narrating that even though there are many negativity and issues around the world, our world is still a beautiful world because there are also many positive and nice things around us as well.

This song really suits my thinking at the moment. There are many challenges in our life and we often have hard times but that situation adds flavor to our life. “Life is like a roller-coaster ride”. It is sad for me to admit that there are many unfairness in this world that can make life gloomy if we dwell too much on it. Don’t let that cloud your view because there are many wonderful things around us if we seek it out. It is a matter of opening up our view of the world. This is why I love traveling to other countries: I can see different view of the world and witness the life of other human.

Although the song is very brief, the ending is amazing (yet, can be depressing on some situation). We will okay because “everyone here have someone we can lean on”. No matter how hard the world hits you, please know that there are someone around you who you can talk to. Some may shared similar view as you, so you will feel that you are not alone. You may meet someone that have different view from you but are there to hear you out. I am glad that I have people I can lean on and I wish I can spend more time with them.

Sometimes my friends said that I am pessimist, but I am actually considering all the white, black and gray area of life. I still believe the world is a beautiful thing, but there are times that we all need someone to assure us when we fall or in a pinch situation. Yeah, we do live in a beautiful world.

[Edited: I accidentally published my unfinished draft instead of saving it. This edit is the final version. Thanks.]

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