Get my coffee right!

Are you a coffee or tea type of person? If neither, then you must be the rebellious hot chocolate type of person! Personally, I love coffee. I do like other type of drinks as well but a good cup of hot coffee is definitely satisfying on any occasions!

What are the types of coffee that you enjoys the most? For me, I would go for Americano with milk, added with 3 small packs of brown sugar. It’s 20% expresso, 50% water, 39% fresh milk and 1% brown sugar!

In case you are not a coffee lover, Americano is simply grind coffee brewed with boiled water! Yes, it’s that ‘basic coffee’ but no, it is not just instant coffee (e.g. Nescafe) that can be brewed easily at home. The Americano (that I love) must be brewed using suitable blend of coffee beans – a mixture of several types of coffee bean and sometimes with other ingredients such as cinnamon or mint as well as to keep balance in coffee richness, acidity and after taste. I love to keep the blend as mystery so I enjoy trying out unique blend recipe offered by different coffee shops so I usually order brew of the day as the blend changes everyday. It can be quite disappointing that some coffee barista just don’t understand the reason why some people prefer brewed of the day and often omitted this from their menu. Luckily, Americano is just fine because they may use their “today’s coffee blend” to make it.

To be honest, I don’t think I am addicted to “caffeine” – some people claim that coffee-addicts are obsessed with coffee because of the caffeine. False. I love the “taste” of the coffee – the bitter yet sweet and creamy taste of the Americano with milk. I don’t know how to describe the smell of coffee but if you are used to it, you will definitely like the smell that we call as coffee “aroma”.

I get frustrated or irritated easily if people served my coffee inaccurately (Yeah, I can be that bossy sometimes) especially when I have told my order clearly. Is it hard to get the simple coffee done?

Yesterday, I went to my usual coffee shop and ordered my usual coffee. I realised the coffee barista was new but it shouldn’t a problem if I clearly state my order. Besides, most coffee shop especially on most major cities would understand my order as it is common. I even reminded that barista to add milk to my coffee twice but when I took my coffee and rushed my way to the office, I realised that I did not receive “Americano with milk” but instead, a “Long Black” (another term for coffee without milk). I had to get into the trouble of walking all the way back to the barista just to request them to add milk. I did not scold the barista nor make sarcastic remarks to them this time, because this was not the first time. Some baristas just did not pay attention to their customer’s order and only selectively listened for keyword that they know while ignoring the rest.

I took hot brewed coffee for in the morning and afternoon especially when I am stress or require some “threat” while working or studying. If brewed coffee is not available, I have to take Cafe Latte, Earl Grey Tea Latte, Asian Milk Tea or simply Nescafe with milk as substitute.

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