Spectacles for focus

I was recommended by a eye specialist to wear spectacles (eyeglass) for eye correction. It is minor but will affect my focus. Without the eyeglass, my eye will be working hard to adjust my focus and this can strain my eye especially after a long period of time. I went to optic store to buy my own glass, just following their recommendation and didn’t pay much attention to the prescription (degree? what degree?). I even lost my prescription paper thinking it was just a purchase receipt.

My eye is also weak to bright condition. I have problem being on computer screen for too long or when driving under bright sunlight. Therefore, I bought a sunglass for driving but I rarely wear them because I felt it didn’t “fit” me (in term of fashion). I think sunglasses are for macho or elegant man. Plus, wearing one while driving can make some annoying drivers felt ‘challenged’ when driving (weird… maybe I looked arrogant when wearing one).

I also requested for a glass that can filter UV light especially for computer screen. Not sure if it works but it does extend my tolerable time period of doing work on the computer. But I only wore it when doing my job alone and I will usually put it away when my colleagues are around.

I often experienced migraine since I was in high school. I thought it was because I may have high blood pressure but after years of suffering random migraine attacks, I realised it was because of my eye. Started in high school, my eye exposed to projector screen and this continued to university and now at work I also have to look at own computer screen. What worse, I spent most of my daily work on computer screen! My eye is strained from too much focusing and from the light of the screen that slowly causing migraine attack. When I got migraine, the pain is always the strongest around my eye, that circling my eye balls. I hate that pain, but I hate people who thought migraine is not a big deal or even think it as fake more.

Here’s the thing: I don’t wear it for the sake of fashion. I am just following recommendations. I am aware of some trends that people wear unprescribed glass just to look “good”. It’s not wrong but I don’t feel comfortable when people think I wear then for fashion. I tried to be open and put my courage to wear one during graduation but after seeing my photos with the spectacles on, it looked awkward to me.

I am conflicting between not accepting myself to wear it and not being me if I wear it. My mum bought me eyeglass (through gift voucher) and my best friend bought me sunglass as a gift. Maybe I do look good when wearing them?